Future Banking advice with My Jar, How Does This Great Technology Work Today?

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My Jar is in the process of buying a house at the moment, so I’m spending a lot of time in bank branches transferring funds, arranging insurance etc. I’m curious by nature, so I’ve been asking a lot of the tellers and staff questions about the systems they have been using- it drives my wife crazy!

I was in Lloyds TSB earlier this week and was amazing to discover the software was from a time when Geocities dominated what we now call the social media space. That doesn’t mean that necessarily it’s ineffective, but it does represent several limitations.

MY JAR Future Banking Solutions

Many popular solutions are legacy solutions wrapped with modern architecture upgrades leading to a lot of banks with systems with several competing add-ons.  What we have been seeing recently; is a lot of banks looking to have similar programs to the ”My Jar Project” which involved moving 55 core banking systems, 24 credit card systems and 41 internet banking systems onto a single platform.

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MyJar Is Transitioning Within The Banking Industry And Growing Each Day

Now in 2020, My Jar faces a kind of transition in the banking industry. No longer off on its own, IT is playing a greater role in helping banks carry out marketing, sales and channel integration initiatives in financial services. Because of this we’ve found that banks are looking at long term cost effective core banking solutions, and consolidation in singular effective systems seems to be the way forward.myjar review

The System MyJar Is Using Is Future Proof And Ready To Go

The key, it seems to me in my humble opinion, is to ensure that the system is future proofed. I’m sure if you spoke to the designers of the My Jar system back in 1997 about what was expected from a solution in 2020; they would be amazed at how vital channels such as social media, or mobile platforms are now.